We often hear about the benefits of automating or outsourcing the tedious yet necessary admin activities like data entry for bookkeeping.

With the development of technology and its availability at a low cost, it has become easier than ever to put these use cases into practice.

Bookkeepers, accountants and small businesses can now make use of the best tech tools that were previously only available to big enterprises, without any implementation hassle or training at a low cost.

Given the clear business value, many companies are moving their accounting to cloud-based applications such as Xero and using additional applications to automate tedious tasks that take time, resources and money.

For accounting purposes, it’s known that Xero is not only an easy-to-use tool but it also comes with additional apps that help teams streamline more complex processes.

Data Processing Made Easy

One such app is Innovo Invoice which lets companies automate manual data entry when processing invoices and receipts.

With our application, data is quickly and accurately extracted from incoming supplier invoices, bills, and receipts, and automatically booked into Xero.

Simple in design and execution, Innovo Invoice saves time for users, removing the need for reviewing documents and allowing information to be imported directly into the Xero.

Innovo Invoice works easily with Xero, creating an intuitive setup process. It also offers a responsive help centre which offers detailed points for users.

With the integration, your team can save time by automating manual data entry tasks and posting invoice and receipt bookings directly into Xero and generating accounting postings for your reference.

If you want to save time from manually inputting data from one application to another or entering data from paper or email, you need to try automating this step.

We know managing established processes can be challenging. But the long-term savings of integrating and streamlining your tasks makes it worthwhile.

With the software integrations outlined above, you can drastically reduce the number of processes you and your team rely on, simplifying tasks and improving information consistency.

For more details, take a look at our help centre and blog articles and see how you can save time and improve your current processes.

Posted by:Colin Anthony

Colin Anthony is the Co-Founder of Innovo42.