Today, it’s still common practice that across industries, companies of all sizes send out paper invoices and do time-consuming bookkeeping.

While invoice data capture may seem like a small process in the big picture of your company’s operations, the accuracy and timing of its outputs can have a great impact on many of your business processes.

Fast, seamless and precise data extraction can help streamline critical functions and simplify complex workflows.

But the environment we’re used to performing these tasks is mainly related to the office setting. And transitioning the invoice processing to fully remote collaboration can be challenging.

At Innovo42, we’ve created a useful, free deck on how to keep your invoice processing workflow up and running remotely.

We know that automation is a solution which can minimize human intervention, freeing up staff to handle higher-value tasks.

And we are aware that accessibility is a benefit any team dealing with admin tasks like these.

If you’d like to learn more, check out the deck to:

• Learn how to succeed to process and digitize invoices with just an Internet connection and a reliable digitization tool.

• Improve relationships with team members, vendors and clients.

• Understand the invoice processing workflow and its benefits from a remote perspective.

Check out the deck here and download it for free.

Posted by:Andreea Serb

Andreea Serb is a Content Marketing Lead at Innovo42. Follow her on Twitter @Andreea_Serb to discover stories and fresh perspectives from the industry.